Because listing on classified sites does serve all purposes

You deserve to know facts

Classified websites do not project the complete pictures. Classified websites are designed to carry limited promotional information and promote advertisements. They do not get into the facts and fictions of the information being added. With mlsBH presenting as much verified facts is exactly what we do. We leave the promotions and advertisements to the classified sites.

No one should voilate your rights

If you’re an owner of a property or an exclusive agency appointed for the property, then it is your right to officially represent the property on all fronts. No walk in agent who may not even be a professional realtor should take picture of your property without your consent and then post it online everywhere acting as its representative. mlsBH upholds listing rights based on ownership and exclusivity only.

Exclusivity is important

Up until now there was no solution or practice our there that supported exclusivity of realtors and more importantly had the necessary functions in place to verify and uphold exclusivities of realtors. Realtors were unable to justify their need for exclusivity. Owners knew without a centralised platform exclusivity was ineffective in a marketplace crowded with non-professionals, hence with an exception of few lucky & strong realtors, rest have been forced to deal on non-exclusive basis. Well all that is set to change. mlsBH is here to fill that gap

Available Information is not accurate and reliable enough

Repetitive listings, non-authorised listings, incomplete information, incorrectly detailed and labeled, lack of necessary classifications & categories are just few of the factors that contribute to information sources out there to be inaccurate and unreliable. When the same property is listed on the same classified website by 10 different non-professional realtors without owners’ consent, not only the source of each listings in unreliable, the statistics generated by such a classified website are based on unreliable repetitive listings which is an inaccurate data. Furthermore none of the 10 realtors will know the fate of their listings over time they become ghost listings

There are too many unprofessionals

Lets face it! Because Bahrain’s real estate industry is still unregulated and labour laws are still not completely in effect, professional realtors are struggling to conduct their business due to the prevalent non-professionals. The problem is … not enough is being done! everyone has the right to test their luck at striking gold in this lucrative industry, but there is a right way of doing things. The bigger problem is people tend to overlook the fact and continue being exposed to the vulnerabilities associated to dealing with non-professionals. mlsBH is making sure that atleast its platform is limited to the industry professionals only, who have worked hard to be where they are and have been law abiding citizens or businessmen.

One for all websites are not the ideal solution

A conventional real estate portal that promote the identity of One-for-All OR One-Stop-Shop solution introduces more issues than solve. For starters they do not do any justice to the owners as they are unable to distinguish between owners or realtors listings…infact they are unable to even distinguish 2 same listings by 2 different users! such sites discourage owner classes to utilize their medium, this is the reason most of the owner classes are non-existent on any of these classified websites. Furthermore these websites, most of which are based and operated from outside the country do not understand the dynamics of the local market and the composition of its users.

The market has matured

There was a time when owner classes were limited, realtors were amateur and market was focused on short term local demand. A time when the economies of scale did not allow for a flat fee system to complete with old fashioned way of brokerage – which apparently had its root in the culture. But since 2000 all that has changed, Bahrain has changed, and the general perspective towards business has changed. Now the same owners realtors and consumers demand better services, ethical practices and newer innovation to meet their growing property portfolios

Bahrain needs it

For country with a flourishing real estate industry, it is imminent that professional conduct replace the amateur practices and modern technology step in to lead the industry forward with its innovations based on broader perspective, towards a more efficient market of a higher benchmark. mlsBH is that innovation and professionals’ solution that is setting the benchmark higher

Its about time

Yes, about time, the laws of Bahrain are upheld, ethical code of conduct defined, benchmark of professionalism raised, transparency exercised and a clean databank of real estate operate. mlsBH is laying the foundations for the stepping stone, its your town to take the step forward

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