Listing Distribution service of mlsBH

Types of Syndication services



Information Data Exchange or IDX as it is commonly called, is a database integration switch that CAN BE deployed by mlsBH on custom project bases to allow subscribers fetch listings from mlsBH’s RETS server to display publicly on their websites



Real Estate Transaction Standards is a framework used to facilitate exchange of listing data between mlsBH server and a property listings website. RETS is the gateway to mlsBH database which can be accessed with an integration switch (IDX)



mlsBH also extends its listings to realtors and independent websites with ready made realty website pre-integrated with its database. This way subscribers can instantly present their customers with thousands of unique listings under their name.


  • If you want to run a hastle free realty business with listings populating your website automatically, and want to focus on servicing client instead who are interested to avail your services, then Syndication is your best tool.

  • Every listing of mlsBH is spread in the syndicate network to offer maximum exposure to target audience. Subscribed user don’t need to struggle with acquiring listings  to attract visitors, just become mlsBH Syndicate

  • Centralised Real estate listings syndication is a property database distribution program of mlsBH aimed at creating multiple channels of listings display, mitigating the need for listing to be relisted elsewhere.

Key Features

  • Largest pool of verified listings

    Largest pool of verified listings

    The only platform in Bahrain offering unique listings

  • Customizable raw data

    Customizable raw data

    Present the information as you like

  • Automatic Daily updates

    Automatic Daily updates

    No need to come fetching for it

  • Reliable database

    Reliable database

    Verified listings directly on your site

  • Direct listings portfolio

    Direct listings portfolio

    Listings from reliable sources

mlsBH Syndicates count


RETS clients



IDX Clients








Benefits of syndication

A sophisticated methodology applies behind the listing distribution technique adopted by mlsBH which is based on an revolutionary practice of listings database sharing in United States. Years of research and development has gone into the practice and today it has evolved into a standard of data exchange accepted & adopted by all.
Subscribers can either elect to hire developers to integrate their website’s database with mlsBH dB using RETS via an IDX API, or can subscribe to one of many readymade RealtySite templates that come pre-integrated with mlsBH. Alternatively we offer you our Webmaster services to integrate your site with mlsBH dB.

Independent websites
Agency Websites
Property sites

Become a Syndicate of mlsBH

Are you interested in being the early bird to adopt this game changing business feature? If yes then contact us to assist you in making your website a mlsBH Syndicate

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