Type of Sub-Unit listings

Sub-unit listings are ideal to highlight a space within property that is of special use. These listings do not appear independently, but on the listings page of units.

Carpark space

Description: An open space earmarked for car parking. The space may or may not be covered for solar protection.

General use: car park

Sub-categories: Shaded, unshaded

Does not include: Plotted land, unplotted land


Description: A closed & covered carpark bay with our without a shutter

General use: Car park, store

Does not include: Carpark space

Maintenance area

Description: A space within a unit that may not be ideal for dwelling, but instead is utilized for technical and maintenance purposes

General use: Machine room, repair room, technical maintenance area

Does not include: Store, bedroom, garage

Storage room

Description: A closed space within a unit that is dedicated for storage purpose only.

General use: Storage area

Does not include: Storage facility, store)

Office room

Description: A dedicated room within an office unit that may or may not have an official address allocated to it.

General use: Business centre offices

Does not include: Open space, cubicle, bedroom


Description: A 4 walled space within a unit that may or may not have an attached bathroom.

General use: Share accommodation

Does not include: Open space, Store, Office room

Because subunits do not have a standalone identity, mlsBH does not list subunits independently

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