Subsidiary solutions of mlsBH

mlsBH is a centralization and distribution platform for its subsidiaries offering customized services to suit the varying needs of primary market participants in Bahrain



Realty – BH Buyers tenants and investors will now be able to search for unique and verified direct owner’s listing or get to deal with licensed realtors for all their real estate need. In mlsBH’s list display solution RealtyBH, they can also now view properties by their name and see all the apartments or villas under them listed individually.



Realtors will not have to waste their time and effort in searching new real estate stock or deal with multiple middlemen, they can just subscribe to the realtorBH and have at their disposal the most reliable and accurate real estate listing direct from owners and authorised realtors. They can now better service their clients.



Owners  will not have to deal with unreliable & rogue realtors. The reputation and perception of your property is in your hand. You still get to benefit from realtors’ services on this platform with more trust and professionalism as only verified brokers will be allowed to access your listing information on mlsBH™.


  • A real estate consumer is only interested in finding property, a site that promises to be a realtors’ sanctuary does not offer consumers the needed confidence

  • Realtors in Bahrain these days have many  classified websites are their disposal, but none that offers them exclusive listing services

  • A separate listing service dedicated to direct owner classes offers them the satisfaction that they are in control of their property online

Benefits of user type based solutions

Because one interface is not a holistic solution for all participants of the market as they have diverse needs and will lead to conflict of interest when placed on the same platform. Your conventional classified websites already do that, they offer an open market place for everyone to trade, but they do not uphold the listing rights of one over the other or distinguish one user from the other. For a fair business practice, it is important that all parties involved be offered what they need without anyone violating the terms of business.

Following market size and its breakdown clearly illustrates that each user group of this sector is enough sizable enough to be catered to with a solution tailored to their needs

Direct owners
Overall market size

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