For Sale & Rent By Owner

fsrboBH is a Direct-on-mlsBH listing service dedicated to owner classes of Bahrain to centralize their listings directly from them and place them at the disposal of the market, offering them a wider audience

Control property information

Control property information

fsrboBH subscribers can control offers plus availabilities of their properties. By controlling information themselves; owners assure market participants property info is upto date and coming from reliable source

Property portfolio management

Property portfolio management

Centralised platform increases the exposure base of listings and offers a long term perspective towards maintaining & managing recyclable listings availabilities that prop up for sale/rent randomly throughout the year

Direct owners’ listings

Direct owners’ listings

Real estate owners can now directly list their properties here and enjoy the benefits of instant exposure to the entire realtors’ community in Bahrain, as well as the prospects who seek Direct Owners’ listings


  • Direct owner listings are always sought after by consumers and realtors alike. fsrboBH helps direct owners to reach out these target audiences with ease.

  • Owners don’t have to get inundated with queries over property offer and availabilities. Let the professionals keep a tab on your property through mlsBH

  • Owners can confidently conduct their business online without worrying about anyone else trying to promote their property without their consent

Features & Benefits of fsrboBH subscription

  • Identity promotion

    Identity promotion

    Represent your property by its name

  • Virtual listing management

    Virtual listing management

    Let the market check online what you have at any given time

  • Direct exposure to end consumers

    Direct exposure to end consumers

    Reach out to the prospects only looking for direct owner listings

  • Commission declaration

    Commission declaration

    Let realtors know what incentive you offer

  • Listing ownership

    Listing ownership

    Represent your own property online

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fsrboBH at a glance

fsrboBH is a subscription based direct-on-mlsBH listing solution dedicated to the various real estate owner-classes of Bahrain. It caters to needs of owners in pursuit of direct exposure to their target audience as well as realtors.
It focuses on centralizing Bahrain property owners’ listing information in the best manner with accurate property information and in the process of doing so; place this portfolio of verified listings at the disposal of target audience for their well informed decision making.

Shortlease operators
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Listing types of fsrboBH

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