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Though there is no difference between a renter and a lessor, primary factor of differentiation here the nature of use of property. While renters are limited to residential properties for personal dwellings, lessees are business individuals or corporations leasing a commercial, industrial or mix use property on medium to long lease terms.

Social housing beneficiaries

This consumer class is a Citizen of Bahrain who has been pre-approved for a social housing grant and is in the primary or secondary market for an affordable family house. Sellers find more comfort in dealing with prospects who are ready with their end of bargain instead of making them wait until they apply on the basis of property.


These are pre-approved applicants who have a mortgage/personal loan on standby for the right property. These users have everything in place and are ready to buy instead of those who search and then then apply for loans not knowing if they would get sanctioned in the end – ending up wasting seller’s opportunity, not to mention dispute over down-payment – if paid.


These are individuals either moving into the country or relocating within country & on the outlook for residential property for a tenor of 1-2 years at average. Rental activity constitute a major component of Bahrain’s real estate and these potential tenants need assistance in finding the right property at the right price and place for himself and family. Apart from expatriates the rental market is fueled by commercial lease activity. Bahraini citizens too have been increasingly renting properties to compensate for the housing shortage.


These are mostly your one time customers in market for a dream home or an ideal land. This class of consumer generally is the least versed with market trends and hence base their decision on gut feeling after a reasonable research. However they also tend to be more welcoming of a realtor’s assistance in striking a good deal.


Individuals or organizational representatives on the outlook for prospective investment opportunities in real estate. They might observe the market for quite sometime, notice trends and wait around for the right opportunity. Mostly these kind of either below market value assets of above above IRR income generating properties. Their interest span is commercial properties, buildings, and for the right price and opportunity even commonhold and freehold units like lands, villas and apartment

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