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Facility Operators

Specific reference here is not just to Facility Managers but to Facility Management Co. that also is administering a Freehold/commonhold facility. Facility Operator; contrary to the role of Facility Manager, also under takes the sales & rental administration of the property. Ideally a Facility would be administered by Owners Association Or Developer who appoints a Facility Manager or a Property Manager to oversee day to day operations and administer leases, however due to the involvement in property sales administration and the associated role in property listings; mlsBH identifies this type of user class as Facility Operator in order to distinguish from Facility Manager.

Property Managers

Property Managers are by profession in the business of administering rentals and day to day operations of a property that may or may not include Facility Management. In mlsBH Property & facility Managers are primarily same user class as their listing role is the same, unless sales role is involved along with sale in which case the role changes. Because the business objective of property and in some case facility managers is to earn rental commissions by brokering a lease, they are grouped in the Realtor class of users instead of owner’s representative class – which would require them to not be in the commission earning cycle. Furthermore most Property management Co. also broker sale/rent deals of properties not in their management portfolio, hence they would require access to the centralised listing pool of mlsBH – which is not extended to owner class. Neither type of managers manage their own property but as per the commercial registration activity; are allowed to manage client’s property only.

Independant Broker

These are individuals realtors who hold a license issued by Ministry of Justice and islamic affairs and do not work as an agency. They independently operate without any supporting staff (especially sales agents) and in most cases even without office.

Real Estate Agency

The most common form of realtors in Bahrain is a real estate agency that has a commercial registration issues with specific activity of rental brokerage, property sales & marketing and/or Office lease management on behalf of client. More prominently this user class operates as a registered office and almost always has agents operating the business function. Thus this class requires multi user access accounts.

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