Validation policy

Validation policy

In keeping with mlsBH’s core objective of having information on this centralized platform accurate and reliable; all listings require to be verified and listers authenticated. Following shall be the Verification & Authentication policy adopted to accomplish the aforementioned objective:

Verification policy

All listings submitted created or uploaded into system required to be validated for the following

  1. Rightful ownership
  2. Rightful representation
  3. Accuracy of specifications
  4. Applicability of features
  5. Correctness of location

Authentication policy

All users requiring or requesting use of platform need to be verified for the following:

  1. Professional association to realty industry of Bahrain
  2. Legal status
  3. Role in industry
  4. Compliance to policies and code of conduct
  5. Association to listing(s)

These aforementioned policies form the basis of all subscriptions, scope of service and subsequent listing activity on this platform and its sub solutions. Discrimination toward them shall not be entertained nor shall any exception be applied to speed up or bypass the stated process.