MultiLevel Realestate Listings Database Architecture

In MReLDA properties are classified categorically in following primary classes or database layers, each distinguished from the other on the basis of its physical attributes



DESCRIPTION: A non independent single use space that may or may not have a legal address but does not exist separately from a unit that provides it basic amenities.



DESCRIPTION: A single property consisting of multiple structures and/or units. Facility may or may not have a single title deed but has a single collective LEGAL identity



DESCRIPTION: A structure that consists of multiple units. IT may or may not be Standalone i.e. may or may not be part of a facility but certainly has multiple units



DESCRIPTION: An individual property of actually dwelling or usage with legal address. It may or may not be an independent part of facility or structure

The concept behind MReLDA™

  • The Multilayer listing approach (under MReLDA) allows a building community or compound to be listed independent of its units (or structures – whichever applies) for identity purpose yet act as a parent to all listings uniquely listed under it.

  • This approach allows the owners of property to individually promote the sale or rental status of each apartment or villa without generalizing availability options. MReLDA also allows users to sale AND rent a property without listing is separately

Benefits of MReLDA™

  • Occupancy status

    Occupancy status

    Know exactly which unit is available in a property and when

  • Individual identity

    Individual identity

    Each apartment is an individual listing with its applicable specs

  • Inter-relationship


    Properties link to other properties within its parent listing

  • Reliable statistics

    Reliable statistics

    Coming from accurately captured listing data

  • Accurate information

    Accurate information

    Verified users with authorised to list provide the right info

MReLDA listings statistics in mlsBH













Application of MReLDA in Bahrain

Property representatives 1st identify which class their property belongs to: FACILITY, STRUCTURE, UNIT or SUBUNIT layer. After identifying the class they identify the best applicable package to accommodate their listing quantities.
If property is independent and does not consist of dwellings under it then it most likely is unit and will occupy 1 QTY of listing. User cannot define a structure type property as unit, as doing so will restrict them from adding units under it. If their property consists of multiple dwellable units then they list their property 1st as Structure (or facility – whichever applicable and then add child listings as structure or unit (whichever applicable).
Consumers and realtors conducting a property search of mlsBH listings will be able to search building or compound by its name and then see all the apartments or villas individually listed under it. Also they can see standalone properties under units

No of facility types
No. of Structure types
No. of unit types
No. of sub unit types

What is your property in MReLDA?

Not sure which real estate type your property belongs to? Read more on how to identify structures in help desk, and if you still need assistance then contact us!