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These are individuals who may or may not be in the business of buying and selling real estate. However fsrboBH aims to facilitate such individuals who are not active market participants and have a property or 2 to sell for any reason. fsrboBH is the ideal platform for such people who do not know the who’s who of this industry but would like to reach out to as many realtors and potential prospects in the shortest time and easiest manner.


Although not really and owner, however due to the nature of the transaction involved, auditors, lawyers and bankers often are appointed as liquidators to dispose of assets to settle a defaulting, bankrupt or dissolving party, and thus are empowered to conduct foreclosures of assets like real estate. Conventionally such liquidation in best case takes place in an auction, but in the absence of property auctions (or general public knowledge thereof) they often take place off the record. mlsBH aims to bring these foreclosures directly from liquidators to general public, hence facilitating all parties in achieving maximum benefit out of the activity.


These is a Hotel Management operating property for daily and short lease rentals. Most hotel chain these days maintain a services apartments property or two which is separate for mid term rentals with the objective of segregating between services and charges applicable to daily room rentals and longer rentals. Bahrain has experienced a rise in hotel residence in recent decade as it attacks a niche market of tenants, and the trends seems to stay strong in the coming years. While mlsBH does not cater to hotel room bookings, it nevertheless has the necessary features of facilitating short to midterm rentals with online booking and availability calendar features.

Housing Ministry

Government body that is responsible for allocation of properties in government built social housing projects. With more and more affordable & social housing projects being developed the number of applicants is on the rise, with listing of pending applicants being lot more than the units in pipeline. mlsBH aims to promote the Ministry’s initiative to provide housing for every Bahraini by placing their properties on this centralized platform


Government or semi government bodies that own and operate real estate. Developing, owning and operating prime properties, business incubators and public service assets in one of the primary role a government plays in economic activities of a country, with Bahrain not being an exception. The properties Apart from accumulating value, government owns properties are mostly commercial and industrial type, hence they play a major role in facilitating socio-economic activity. They are of high interest to the business community and multinational organizations in persuit of such value enhancing properties.


A waqf is traditionally a religious trust formed to purchase, own and operate income generating real estate for the benefit of society in which or for which is has been established. Awqafs have been the integral part of the islamic society fostering socio-economic development model in their society. A considerable amount of real estate in Bahrain is under the management of government backed Awqafs, and due to the relatively low rental rates and high tenor their properties are highly sought after. mlsBH is the 1st and only platform that recognizes this owner class & its listings with the aim to benefit consumers in search of this owner class’ properties

Owners’ Associations

Common hold & freehold properties are on the rise in Bahrain and with the advent of such properties owners associations have come into formation. Although the form of ownership and its collective management is relatively new practice in the country, such associations carry the responsibility of looking at the best interest of their commonly owned property. fsrboBH offers such association the prefect platform where they as an association can list their entire property and allow respective owners of each property to individually manage their sale & rental terms of their.

Shortlease Operators

Bahrain has quite a number of properties out there whose sole business is to provide daily and weekly rentals to the visitors and guests in country. fsrboBH caters to their business needs of such operators by extending booking and reservation features to better manage and effectively lease their units on short notices and without running into double booking situations.


A reasonable portion of the rental market in Bahrain belongs to individuals whose full time activity is not managing properties but own rental properties to earn extra income from. These landlords can now enjoy the many benefits of not wasting their time in prospecting the market they may understand very little about. Just float the listing on fsrboBH and let the realtors on our platform do the rest.


A mortgage issuing bank which owns and sells property to end consumers by way of lending the finance to acquire such a property. Generally mortgage houses do not engage in sale, however islamic mortgage by legal structure either owns the property they finance OR purchase on behalf of its mortgagor. mlsBH is the only listing platform that identifies this ownership class and promotes its marketplace.


Real estate developers are primarily development companies who construct real estate for the purpose of selling to end consumers. They are mostly catering to the affordable housing demand of the country. However there are quite a few reputable developers who has pioneered the expertise of freehold & commonhold foreign ownership decreed properties. Off Lately developers have also ventured out into commonhold Local Ownership decreed properties to meet the housing demand of citizens. mlsBH offers them the ideal platform to expedite their business interest and reach out to all realtors and end consumers.

Real Estate Operators

REOs are an integral part of Bahrain’s real estate industry, they constitute 70% – If not more, of the real estate active market. These are establishments whose sole purpose is to operate property for rental income and who are directly involved in day to day operations & management of the rental property. REO’s business model does not allow them to offer exclusivity of their properties to realtors, and hence fsrboBH aims to meet their needs of a platform where they can float their rental property portfolio for potential tenants and brokers.

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