How to get started?

mlsBH™ is a new concept in Kingdom of Bahrain, but we’re here to help you easily understand how to use it. Here is a compilation of some most common queries

Your listing will continue to remain active until it reaches the listing term limit, however should your subscription expire before that and you did not renew your subscription then you will not be able to access your account, even through your listing is active. You will have to coordinate with our administrator for further assistance or arrange to renew your subscription to gain access to your account

Based on per listing period limit identified in your package your listed property will go offline from the list of available properties upon maturity of that period. However if your subscription is still valid then you will still have access to your property and you can relist your property anytime again. Property will get relisted for the same period of listing term limit.

We provide imaging services as well as one of the support services  so we would love to take up this task. Please arrange to discuss your imaging requirements with us and we will quote you our best rates for the work

There are circumstances and scenarios that act as proof themselves. Kindly get in touch with us to discuss the matter and we will see what we can do without compromising on our policies and principles

Certain yes, Kindly drop us your contact details and someone will get in touch with you to arrange a visit.

We have only created packages for certain user classes whose requirements can be scoped in a package, for all other user classes we deal on case to case basis, therefore if you or your organization is one of those user classes, then you are kindly requested to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to structure or proposal based on your needs and portfolio size

Yes you certainly can, packages are only for common user classes with larger portfolios and frequent activity. For one time or 1 property listers we do have a single property listing price list. You may get in touch with us to know the price best applicable to your property listing need.

You are encouraged to read the description of MReLDA under the property type menu plus you may also view the list of all property types under each of the 4 classes of MReLDA. Each class is listed as sub menu under the same property type menu. Here you will be able to see all the property type color coded along with full description. For more details you can check out the MReLDA articles in our helpDesk.

We entertain 5 payment options for your convenience; 1) Cash, Cheque, Wire transfer, Paypal & online payment through debit/credit card.

  • Eliminating rogue broker by upholding listing rights of authorized users

  • Take control of your property online

Having trouble with listings?

We make our best efforts to ensure that no one can wrongfully list a property for which they do not have an official authorisation. However sometime change in ownership may take place without our consent and you may happen to be the knew owner who didn’t know of the mlsBH listing by previous owner, who in anycase carries with him the responsibility as part of the subscription to inform us of ownership change. Nevertheless we can arrange to transfer the owner upon receiving proof or ownership or authorization. And if indeed it is a case of wrongful listing by previous party then we shall also arrange to take disciplinary actions on our platform against that party.

Sometime there is disruption of internet service at either regional level or our server level and sometimes its just a temporary glitch and our servers may be in the restart phase when you tried to access. We recommend you try to access to solution again after about 15 minutes. If you still can’t access then arrange to get in touch with us and we will address the matter promptly. Also note that our servers are programmed to block certain IPs that report suspicious activity. We would in that case need to know your intent of access and the applicable IP address to unblock it.

Kindly report the matter to us and upon verification of the same we shall arrange to take necessary disciplinary action on our platform against wrongful party

If you hadn’t renewed your subscription in due time, your access to account got suspended, and now you will have to subscribe to a new package all over again. Kindly contact us and we will arrange to reinstate your account. All listings – if any will that were in your account and had not been transferred of taken over will still be there and your account details will also still be the same, we will simply reactivate your account manually upon receiving payment.

Our system is flexible enough to change the ownership of the listing provided the new applicant is the owner himself who can prove not to be violating the agreement with previous listing party or if upon expiry of the previous listing authorization to previous party, new party has been appointed, in which case we will simply need to proof to transfer listing ownership

Want to know more?

Visit our helpDesk to read more about the functions and processes of using mlsBH. And should you still have more questions or queries, you can post your queries there and we’d be more than happy to answer them for you.