Features & Benefits of mlsBH

mlsBH brings an array of new services and features with benefits far exceeding any conventional listing activities. check out what features will bring you which benefits in mlsBH platform

  • Promote QR codes

    Promote QR codes

    mlsBH listings come with pre-generated QR codes that users can use to promote their listings on other media or physically on property

  • pdf generator

    pdf generator

    Have a pdf version of beautifully presented listings data generated on a click of a button. No need to get flyers separately designed

  • Notifications system

    Notifications system

    Receive subscription and listings related notifications. Also get notified or queries and activities associated to your account

  • Authorized listings

    Authorized listings

    mlsBH only allows properties to be listed by their legal or authorised representatives in order to insure listing or exclusivity rights of lister

  • International classifications

    International classifications

    Extensive research and efforts have gone in aligning the listings classifications with international classifications of Real estate

  • Official Categories

    Official Categories

    Properties are assigned development limits by government to the category they belong to.  mlsBH applies these categories to listings.

  • Dynamic property search options

    Dynamic property search options

    Subsidiaries of mlsBH have dynamic search capabilities that facilitate search of any listings based on any one of its captured attribute

  • Direct owner listings

    Direct owner listings

    mlsBH has the 1st direct listings service in Bahrain dedicated to all owner classes, to get them involved directly in online realty

  • Stats & Business Intel

    Stats & Business Intel

    Statistical analysis are an integral component of mlsBH. mlsBH aims to facilitate its users with business intelligence information

  • Map based search & listing clusters

    Map based search & listing clusters

    mlsBH boasts advance maps capable of clustering listings in common locations and marking boundaries of lands for visual reference

  • International terminologies

    International terminologies

    As Bahrain’s realty industry progressed towards being a more mature, new forms of real estate have come in effect proper reference to which was missing up till now

  • Global benchmarking

    Global benchmarking

    Conceptually based on MLS; mlsBH is a benchmark for listing standards as professionally exercised in the most mature real estate industry of the world.

  • Interlinked


    You can not list an apartment or villa under its encompassing structure and have the individual units promoted uniquely yet still related to the parent property

  • non-repetitive


    Due to the listing approach in mlsBH no to properties can be same in mlsBH, hence no property can be relisted by someone else. Each property is unique and so is its listing

  • Effective


    The very fact that mlBH listings are unique and verified makes the processes and communications produce desired results for all parties involved

  • Efficient


    Structured approach, organised processes and systematic approach to the whole business of listing management increases output and efficiency.

  • Professional


    In a controlled enviroment like that of mlsBH where very lister and realtor is verified, subscribers find themselves in the company of only professionals

  • Ground reality

    Ground reality

    With so much attention to detail and essential facts of listers & listings as practicably as possible, reality can’t get any more transparent than what mlsBH offers

  • Comprehensive


    Every attribute of Bahrain’s realty has been categorically and systematically organised in mlsBH. Its is in true essence of the word a comprehensive solution

  • Productive


    Centralized listing approach leads to more productive business practice. Just centralise information in one place and control everything from there.