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    Introducing Identity based listings

    Identify properties by their name, type, lister and activity. All the information that you wanted is not captured in its entirety

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    For the 1st time…apartments can be listed under their building listings and villas under their compound or garden listing.

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    A new standard of listings

    New ways of listing, new concepts, new features and new everything else. Real estate information gathering  and display has a new standard

Audience based Solutions



Database centralization is the primary objective and role of mlsBH. Listings are uniquely captured, tagged and and pooled on a single common platform to ensure data pertaining to particular listings is upto date, unified and non-repetitive.



User verification and listing authentication is the most vital process of mlsBH. The only way to ensure listing data is accurate and thus reliable, is to authenticate the source of information and the content listing itself.



This being the core function of mlsBH is the most important process expedited and as such the one most innovative. mlsBH has opened multiple channels of listing data sharing so that everyone  gains instant access to the vast data pool

What is mlsBH™

  • First of its kind solution introducing structured  and holistic approach to real estate listings in the Kingdom with the ultimate aim to standardize listing processes and generate the most reliable accurate and comprehensive information of country’s real estate.

  • State of the art robust platform – mlsBH is a suite of sub solutions each catering to a specific segment of the market, each capable of respectively  capturing, displaying and distributing dynamic real estate data unparalleled to any alternative medium in the country

  • Has been conceptualised with the aim to address the shortfalls of current market practices and gap in the industry’s listing information sharing methods. By segregating the roles and limits of each user class, mlsBH introduces professional conduct and reliability

Key features of mlsBH™

  • User type based solution

    User type based solution

    In practical application it is of paramount importance to other party who has listed a property of who represents it. Listings in mlsBH revolve around the Identity or user group of a lister as that entails the kind of service benefits they can capitalise on. Thus owners’ listings are captured separately from realtors’ listings and then collectively displayed to a consumer class user on a different interface.

  • Role based listings

    Role based listings

    mlsBH allows listers a range of listing type categories that revolve around their role in the realty world and the objective of listing. Even within a single user group of owners in Bahrain there are multiple roles based on their association to the property. mlsBH individually identifies these roles and offers listing type criterias to introduce complete transparency and indepth detail of listing’s representative

  • Professional conduct & compliance

    Professional conduct & compliance

    mlsBH™ is not a classified website, it is a complete cloud based real estate platform where associated participants collaborate in utmost professional manner. Therefore policy compliance and adherence to terms of service comes as a part & parcel of the solution requiring them to uphold ethical values and business principles. Thus creating an ideal market place where all user classes adhere to a code of conduct.

  • Verification processes

    Verification processes

    To instill reliability over information shared by other users and reliability of service amongst the consumers, all subscribers are required to submit necessary documentation to validate their eligibility to the service. Furthermore listings go through certain processes of verification whereby the authenticity of property’s information as well as its association to subscriber is assessed before being approved to go online.

  • Holistic solution

    Holistic solution

    mlsBH is a complete solution in true sense. Starting from catering to every type of user type in the market to every type of type shape form and state of property known to exist in the country as well as encompassing every possible listing type known to be in practice – mlsBH has a function or feature of everything. The core of the solution is based on an industry benchmarked solution that is capable of adapting to any enhancement.

  • Transparency


    With reliable information and verified users comes accurate statistics and highest levels of transparency. Users of mlsBH’s services will have at their disposal the most accurate real estate statistics in the country. Whether you want to know the actual listing representative, number of unit availabilities in a building or the going rental and sale trends, mlsBH is the only solution that can provide such detailed facts and dynamic data.

Comprehensive classification and categories for properties in Bahrain

Why mlsBH™

Realty Support Services

mlsBH brings to your fingertips all the perks in the world of Realty. For the 1st time realtors in Bahrain have a wide variety of realty solutions at their disposal that will help them conduct their business in utmost professional, effective and efficient manner. Now all your realty needs are available for your availment in one place from a resource excelling in providing support to Bahrain’s realty.


mlsBH is all about the quality of real estate information, how accurately it is captured and how comprehensively it is displayed to target audience who seek nothing less than the best source of information. Therefore go through great lengths to ensure that the infobank of mlsBH is extensively authenticated to unhold of principal of quality information from qualified source.

Multilayer listing

The biggest gap in realty world of listings is its inability to portray relationship between structures and their units. mlsBH has filled that gap with its Proprietary MReLDA. This revolutionary approach to listing property allows its structure to have a single identity with all its units unified under it on individual basis. The result is a hierarchy of interrelated listings under a parent listing


A well informed decision making requires accurate information from reliable sources and this is exactly what mlsBH strives to deliver to all participants of real estate industry for all their real estate needs; Information service that everyone can fully rely, whether be it for purchase, sale or rent. mlsBH offers complete understanding of market and prevailing opportunities.









Layers of property listings

 Commonhold listings
Commonhold listings

Refers to a property whose units (apartments) can be individually own independently by a group of owners who may not be the developer of the property, in such a way that the common areas (like corridors, reception, staircase, lobby, service areas and parking lots) of the property are commonly own between (and thus collective responsibility of) all unit owners in such a property. Commonhold properties are by concept freehold but commonly held due to its nature.

 Freehold listings: Redefined
Freehold listings: Redefined

Since the introduction of foreign ownership law in Bahrain, this classification of property has been misused for representation of the many different classes of real estate that emerged at the same time in Bahrain. mlsBH sets the record straight by adopting international definition of the term according to which it is Any property whose ownership title is freely held by a person or entity. By this definition and by practice, almost all properties owned and sold in Bahrain are freehold

 Local Ownership Decreed (LoD) Properties
Local Ownership Decreed (LoD) Properties

As the name suggest, this is a reference of all properties that citizens of Bahrain can independently own.  All properties in Bahrain are my default and by logic decreed for ownership by locals. These properties can of any any class of category. They can be commonhold, freehold or leasehold. They just cannot be personally owned by expatriates, however expat own companies incorporated in kingdom of Bahrain qualify for ownership and thus can purchase LoD properties

 Foreign Ownership Decreed (FoD) Properties
Foreign Ownership Decreed (FoD) Properties

With the introduction of foreign ownership law certain areas in Bahrain have been pre-approved for property ownership by expatriate. Up Till now there has been no proper reference of such areas, and market fell back on the use of term “freehold”, However the term is an incorrect reference, and therefore we have coined a new set of terms to correctly differentiate between  freehold and commonhold properties that only locals can own and properties that Foreigners AS WELL can own.

For the 1st time in Bahrain, mlsBH will facilitate real estate to be listed in the right classes and by its rightful representative.

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